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So why would you want to give a photo-montage as a gift? Read the testimonials here and on the following pages about photo-montages we have produced for our clients and see the difference this wonderful gift has provided.

Margrett, Dorking, UK.
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005

Dear Lee,
We're so grateful for the montage you produced for my husband Jim's 70th birthday surprise montage. He is still recovering from the shock of seeing his life in one fantastic montage. And produced to a tight deadline.

The quality of work and framing was exceptionally professional. We have no hesitation recommending your services to ours.

Many many thanks.

Jim's 70th Birthday, Dorking, UK.
Jim's 70th Birthday, Dorking, UK.

Tracey, Pennsylvania, USA.
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004


Thank you so much for your beautiful gift. I absolutely love it. I have never seen anything like it over here. We really appreciate the work put into this Photo-montage. Once again many many thanks for the wonderful gift.

Tracey, Pennsylvania, USA.
Tracey, Pennsylvania, USA.


Package A:
A5 landscape/portrait image in A4 frame (297mm x 210mm) £149.00 + VAT + p&p click for more info ...

Package B
A4 landscape/portrait image in A3 frame (420mm x 297mm) £199.00 + VAT + p&p click for more info ...

Package C
A3 landscape/portrait image in A2 frame (594mm x 420mm) £239.00 + VAT + p&p click for more info ...

Package D
A2 landscape/portrait image in A1 frame (840mm x 594mm) £329.00 + VAT + p&p click for more info ...